Frequently Asked Questions

I’m interested in NeighborDeals.

Is NeighborDeals free?

Yes. Community members may list a product or service to other members of their NeighborDeals Community for free. We call these posts “Classifieds.”

By default, all Classifieds will be viewed within your NeighborDeals Community. NeighborDeals also offers a convenient, fast way to post your Classifieds in nearby Communities. See “Premium Classified Services” for details on how you can highlight your posting for even better results.

Merchants may post Advertisements for a fee under our NeighborDeals Merchant Program.

How do I sign up?

Its Simple! Click on the Sign Up Button on the HomePage and create an account. Then, join your existing Community. You will see it in the list of Communities nearby. If you cant find your Community, go ahead and create/register it. NeighborDeals likes to approve all new regsitered Communities to make sure its not a duplicate. Once approved, we will email you.

Any NeighborDeals user who organizes and registers a new (verified) NeighborDeals Community will receive $100 as part of our NeighborDeals Community Incentive Program.

A NeighborDeals Community may be an apartment building, neighborhood or home owners’ association, community or civic organization. It’s okay to be a NeighborDeals Community of one – but we hope you’ll tell your Neighbors about NeighborDeals.

I heard about NeighborDeals from a friend or relative, but don’t live in a NeighborDeals Community. Can I sign up or post on NeighborDeals?

A NeighborDeals Community may be an apartment building, neighborhood or home owners’ association, community or civic organization. It’s okay to be a NeighborDeals Community of one – but we hope you’ll tell your Neighbors about NeighborDeals.

Will my mailbox fill up with spam if I sign up for NeighborDeals?

NeighborDeals never releases your name, email address, and other identifying information to any third party without your consent.

How will potential buyers contact me?

Buyers will contact you via the NeighborDeals Message Center. NeighborDeals will send you an email notifying you that you have received a chat message. You may remain anonymous through the NeighborDeals Message Center as long as you’d like to. You will be known on NeighborDeals by your self-selected user name.

Are posts monitored by NeighborDeals?

Yes, we monitor every posted Classified for inappropriate words. We also monitor for items posted in the wrong category. We encourage you to let us know if you see a post that does not abide by the NeighborDeals User Agreement.

As a Merchant posting an Advertisement, how do I know my customer came from NeighborDeals?

Consider posting a custom code in the offer (for example, ‘NeighborDeals Code #3636’) or requiring the Neighbor who wants to tap into the discount to print out a customized ‘offer certificate’ from the NeighborDeals site. We will work with you to streamline and customize this process to best suit your business model. Contact us at

Can I advertise my local business on NeighborDeals?

Yes, Advertisements by Merchants are allowed. Neighbors post Classifieds for free. Merchants post paid Advertisements.

Can anyone outside my building or NeighborDeals Community see my post?

Only if you want them to. By default, all free postings will be viewed only within your NeighborDeals also offers a convenient, fast way to post your Classifieds in nearby communities. See “Premium Classified Services” for details how to highlight your Classified.

What is a NeighborDeals Social Club?

NeighborDeals Social Clubs are virtual forums for Neighbors with similar interests can exchange information. Examples: Book Club, Travel Club, Faith Club, Ping-Pong Club, or Breast Cancer Awareness Club. Or sign in and create your own Social Club!

What is the NeighborDeals Privacy Policy?

Your rights under the NeighborDeals Privacy Policy are spelled out here.

I’ve signed up, but need some help.

How do I post a Classified?

To post a free Classified, click on the “Post an Item” tab. Specify the Category (Furniture, Electronic, etc.), Type of Deal (item for sale, trade, barter, swap, etc.) and the type of Item or Service (sofa, TV, treadmill). Create a headline (“Sale ends April 30”) and create a description, price and value for your item or service.

Each Classified has a unique URL — making it easy to share your post with others. You may also want to share your Classified on social media with the “Share” tool.

To post a highlited Classified, consider NeighborDeals’ Premium Services.

Merchants may post paid Advertisements. See our NeighborDeals Merchant Program for details.

What can I include in my Classified post?

You may — and are encouraged — to include photos in your Classified at no cost.

How do I edit or delete my post?

Go to “My Account” and select “My Listings.” You can edit or close your post at any time.

Will my Classified expire?

Your posted Classified does not expire. You may delete your post at any time and we encourage you to remove your Classified when you “close the deal” or no longer want it posted.

A merchant’s advertisement runs until the merchant’s campaign is over.

How do I search for something I want to buy?

You may search for an item by NeighborDeals Community, by Mile Radius using your NeighborDeals Community as the center, by Category (furniture, electronics, etc.), by Type of Deal (item for sale, barter, swap, etc.), by type of Item or Service (sofa, TV, treadmill, etc.) and by Price.

You may view items by photo, list or location. You may also search for keywords in titles or product/service description. All of this information is provided by the Neighbor posting the Classified.

How do I pay for a purchase?

All transactions, agreements and delivery arrangements are made between NeighborDeals users. Perhaps you’d like to read these Suggestions for Safe Deals. Most NeighborDeals transactions are made with your Neighbors – a great starting place!

Where do I get technical help?

If you don’t find an answer in our FAQs, you can contact Technical Support via and one of our support team experts will respond by email.

With your approval, our technical experts also have the ability to virtually “impersonate” you within the NeighborDeals system and can provide real-time technical help without knowing your NeighborDeals password or seeing any personal information. Contact Technical Support via

Why kind of posts are not allowed?

We do not allow personal ads or mis-categorized posts. The NeighborDeals User Agreement lays it all out for you.

What do I do if I discover a prank or illegitimate post?

Flag the item by clicking “Problem” on the post or email us immediately. We’ll take it from there!

How do I submit a notice of copyright infringement?

NeighborDeals Inc. responds to notices of alleged copyright infringement as required by the United States Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

To submit a notice to NeighborDeals, email us at